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  ㆍSupplied CAMCAS to SCTV in Indonesia, LAM in Brazil, G20 in Russia
ㆍSupplied Xcrypt CAS to NASA in USA
  ㆍSupplied CAMCAS to Formula-1 in England, APEC 2012 in Russia
ㆍSupplied Xcrypt CAS to CBS in USA (CBS television city)
ㆍPassed CI Plus Certificate test, announced CI Plus CAM
  ㆍExpanding CAMCAS, Xcrypt CAS installation in France, Belarus, Norway
ㆍSupplied Xcrypt CAS to Star Cable in Jamaica (DVB-C)
ㆍDeveloped Capella Chipset for CI Plus CAM
  ㆍSupplied CAMCAS to Tonna in France, Normann in Slovakia
ㆍSupplied Xcrypt CAS to Belarus, Trinidad Tobago, USA PNCTV (DVB-C),
ㆍInstalled CAMCAS at Hospitality places in Germany and France
  ㆍSupplied CAS to USA, Bolivia (DVB-S) and Mexico, Costa Rica (DVB-C)
ㆍDeveloped CAMCAS system, Applied international patent for CAMCAS system
ㆍStarting CAMCAS Installation in Germany
ㆍDeveloped CableCard for USA Open Cable market
  ㆍSupplied CAS to KBS(Korea Broadcasting System) for KBS World channel
   service to worldwide (DVB-S)
ㆍSupplied Xcrypt CAS to Dominican Republic, Norway, Belarus, Guatemala and    Russia (DVB-C)
ㆍSupplied Xcrypt CAS to SISAL TV of Telcom Italia in Italy (DVB-S)
ㆍStarting D-CAS development with K-Labs, LGE, LG-CNS in Korea.
  ㆍSupplied IP (Intellectual Property) license of CAS chip to OKI Semi(ROHM, Japan)
ㆍDistributer contract with Tantec (Norway), LANS (Rusia), NOVA (Belarus),
   ICC (USA), SkyLink AB (Sweden)
ㆍSupplied Xcrypt CAS to ‘Rananett’, ‘BOF’ (Norway)
  ㆍMOU with KTF, LGE, FACTUM(Sweden) for DMB Mobile CAS development.
ㆍSupplied CAS solution to K-TV (Indonesia).
  ㆍApplied for international patent of STB & Smart Card Communication Standard    Interface Module
ㆍRelease SIM(Serial Interface Module) and SIM Card
ㆍWon the prize of USD 5M export from Korean Government.)
ㆍSupplied CAS solution to Qatar Al Jazeera Satellite Broadcasting company.
  ㆍDeveloped Xcrypt CAS (Conditional Access System)
ㆍDeveloped ORION Chip (MPEG2 TS handling ASIC) and released PREMIUM
ㆍStarted Pay-Satellite Broadcasting Service using Xcrypt CAS in Europe, M.E, N.A
ㆍWon the prize of USD 1M export from Korean Government.
  ㆍFound Xcrypt, Inc.(Capital : USD 1M) - July
ㆍDeveloped ANGEL Chip (MPEG2 TS handling ASIC)