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The most creative and Secure CAS Solution Provider.

          Xcrypt, Inc. is a Total CAS solution provider for Digital Pay TV and content distribution offering the most state-of-the-art and secure solutions. The scalability of the Xcrypt CAS system makes it to be the most cost-effective solution for small to medium size operators, but also to be the most advanced solutions for large scaled bi-directional services.

          CAMCAS - a patented solution based on Xcrypt’s innovative scrambling CAM -  is specially designed for small cable operators. CAMCAS also enables cost effective yet highly secure distribution of the valuable contents through local independent cable operators in B2B operations. It also is adapted to headend system of Hospitality and MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) when these require encryption.

          The security of the Xcrypt CAS is guaranteed by Xcrypt’s solid implementation with state-of-the-art open algorithms(RSA, AES, Triple DES, ...) and its well proven core technologies. Xcrypt’s flawless track record to date it is here to proves the integrity of the Xcrypt CAS solutions.

          Xcrypt’s SoC (System On Chip) design technology enables Xcrypt to supply its own CI+ CAM (Conditional Access Module) for its Conditional Access System to provide a complete end-to-end secure chain. Our CI+ CAM are also available for third-party CAS partnerships.

          Xcrypt, Inc. was founded in 2003 as a privately held Korean company. Xcrypt is now known as Korea’s leading Conditional Access System provider thanks to our worldwide presence, wide range of Pay-TV technologies and innovative products.