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Xcrypt CAS System 2
Xcrypt CAS System 2 is the second generation CAS system from Xcrypt which incorporates long experiences of supporting various customers. It is a very compact and complete conditional access system. The completeness includes core function and advanced features of conditional access system, enhanced security issues and enforced headend utilities which make it more feasible. It is fully DVB-symulcrypt compliant; it has been integrated with a wide range of headend equipment and has been operated successfully in various environments. The scalability of the Xcrypt CAS provides the seamless upgrade path from very compact all-in-one server solution to complicate and separated big system to match customer’s advanced needs for the services and scales.
Xcrypt CAS Server
CE (Crypto Engine)
Manages & process encryption of ECM, EMM tables.
ECMG (Entitlement Control Message Generator)
Generates ECM tables which have CW and Service information for each services.
Connects Scrambler/SCS by DVB Simulcrypt protocol
SAS (Subscriber Authentication System)
Manages the Subscriber’s Authorization Information Data Base on SAS DB Server
Generates EMM tables according to the command from SMS
Schedules the EMM table injection
EMMG (Entitlement Management Message Generator)
Transfers EMM tables to Multiplexers
Represents all the operation status & information of Xcrypt CAS server
Service Manager
Organizes the services and bouquets. Manages events
Access Criteria Generator, Event Information Scheduler Interface to the SCS (Scrambler)
Private Data generator, Injects EPG Data or OTA file
IP Connection Manager
Manages return path data, supports bi-directional services (IPPV, VoD, IPTV)
Xcrypt VoD Server
Xcrypt provides VoD solution which incorporates VoD stream server and all management tools to support VoD service on local headend.
It supports pre-encryption or session based real-time encryption, so IP or EdgeQAM based VoD service is possible. One server can support 200 simultaneous services.
XcSMS - Xcrypt Subscriber Management System
Xcrypt SMS utilized all the features of Xcrypt CAS system. It is server/client based solution, so multiple XcSMS client can be connected to the server. It enables subscription control such as subscription initiation, termination and purchasing products. Also IRD commands like force ID, mailing is supported using various addressing mode. Unique, group and global addressing mode is possible.
Operators can choose SMS/Billing solution from third party SMS/Billing company, or building their own SMS/Billing system using Xcrypt API functions or Xcrypt’s XcSMS.

XcSMS Functions
- Subscription Control :Smartcard(Subscription) Initiation, Suspension, Reactivation, Termination, Product    Add, Cancel
- STB and/or Smartcard Swapping control
- IRD command : Force ID, Force Tune, Mail, Clear Pin code
- Group IRD command (Global, Categories) : Group Force ID, Group Force Tune, Group Mail
- Batch processing of Customer registration