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CAMCAS - The Most cost-effective head-end solution for small operators
Xcrypt CAMCAS enables a smooth transition to Digital Cable Broadcast at a very affordable cost. CAMCAS secures your contents and allows your full management over each subscriber and services you offer.
- Inexpensive solution to Digital Migration
- Scalable from one to multiple Scrambler CAMs
- Easy to install, easy to operate
- DVB-CI Compliant PCMCIA Scrambling CAM
- One Scrambling CAM scrambles up to 16 channels
- Configurable up to 16 Bouquets (Products)
- Bouquet Add, Bouquet Cancel command
CAMCAS System Components
Headend Components
1.ProCAM (Scrambling CAM for headend)
   - Scrambling CAM for headend
2.Managing Software Package
   - DBMS
   - Key Generation Smartcard and Card Reader
   - XcSMS (Subscriber Management System) software
   - Productbuilder(Service organizing System) software
Consumer Components
1.Consumer Smartcard
2.ConCAM (CI Module), or STB