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Xcrypt CI (CI+) CAM
Xcrypt provides conditional access module(CAM) for its end point. Over 500K CAMs are already deployed in large areas over the world and the compatibility to various STBs and iDTV has been well proved. With the increase of the high end STB and IDTV, there is more demand for the Conditional Access Module. The next generation CI+ CAM was successfully announced in early 2012 . The core of the Xcrypt CAM is a secure DVB-CI/CI+ engine chipset which is designed by Xcrypt. Xcrypt is the only company who provides the CAM using its own chipset.
Main Features
- CI+ Compliant content protection
- Secure on-chip OTP, unique ID, unique secret key
- Supports control word encryption (chipset pairing)
- Hardware RSA, AES, DES and hash algorithm module
- Secure boot for Code integrity verification
- BGA package chipset, Secure PCB design
Xcrypt Professional CAM
For the contents delivery, the professional CAM (Multi-decoding CAM) is required. Xcrypt also supply professional CAM for the contents delivery and headend monitoring purpose. The next generation platform from Xcrypt will support DVB CAS3 descrambler to distribute the valuable contents even more securely.
Xcrypt CableCard
For USA cable market, the OCAP cablecard is mandatory. Xcrypt also provides M-card solution to support USA cable market. The M-card is capable to handle multiple streams in order to be used for PVR application. Xcrypt’s M-card platform has been well proved in the USA market.
Xcrypt PCTV is a USB CAM which embedded SIM card to support mobile Pay-TV services on a Notebook PC. It is a solution to reach out to new subscribers who do not use a STB. It is suitable for IPTV or DVB-T services on mobile environment.
- Embedded CAS (XCRYPT) – SIM card secures the transport stream
- High Speed USB 2.0 Interface supports plug-and-play applications
- MPEG-2, MPEG4 Transport stream processing & Command Interface
- DVB-CSA descrambler, AES descrambler for the highest security level
- Xcrypt Custom chip technology
- Optional built-in DVB-T tuner