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Most Optimized and Secure CAS Solution
Xcrypt CAS is a complete and fully DVB Simulcrypt compliant Conditional Access System for Digital Pay-TV and contents delivery applications. Xcrypt CAS is seamlessly integrated with various third party equipment to build Digital Pay-TV headend System. Xcrypt’s flawless track record it is hereto proves the integrity of the Xcrypt CAS solutions. The security of the Xcrypt CAS is guaranteed by Xcrypt’s innovative secure solution which is based on the well proven state-of-the-art open technologies. The scalability of the system makes it to be the best cost-effective all-in-one server solution for small and medium sized operators but also to be the most advanced solution for the large scale bi-directional services such as Impulsive PPV and VoD.
The most Optimized Complete CAS Solution
- The most cost effective CAS soluiton for small to medium operators
- All-in-one compact solution including optional SMS
- Built-in Service builder, EIS (Event information scheduler) and PDG (Private Data Generator)
- Easy installation, operation and maintanence
- Adaptive EMM injection optimizes the bandwidth usage
- Advanced features like PPV, VoD, Mail message,
- Optional XcSMS (Subscriber Management System)
The most Secure CA solution
- Based on the latest state-of-the-art secure smartcard technology
- Based on the well proven state-of-the-art open cryptographic technologies
- Excellent smartcard performance for real-time calculation of longer keys
- Hierachical Multi-layered Key structure provides ultimate security of the system
- The most optimized, but most secure solution
- Smartcard Pairing with STB by memory pairing or chipset pairing
- Fingerprint, Content Control
- Xcrypt CI/CI+ CAM based on Xcrypt’s proprietry secure chipset
Proved to be a robust & safe system

- Fully DVB Simulcrypt compliant
- Standard based open interface provides Seamless integration with third party headend
- Worldwidely installed over the last 5 years

Scalability and Flexibility
- Selectable, flexible and seamless upgrade in scale and performance including full redundancy
- Seamless upgrade from simple one-way subscription control to two-way advanced services (VoD. IPPV)
- Support Diverse Business Model, diverse channel configuration
- Support Time-base Bouquet Configuration
- Easy to customize for service provider’s requirements
- Support DVB-S/T/C, ATSC, IPTV Platform
- Support Hybrid Solution (DVB + IP) on one platform
- VoD Solution through IP or EdgeQAM
- Standard based open interface provides seamless integration with third party headend
- Open STB Licensing
- Xcrypt CI/CI+ module (CAM, Conditional Access Module) for various CI STBs and integrated Digital TV (iDTV)
- Xcrypt USB CAM for PCTV solution